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Minister of Technology and Science Encourages Young Scientists to Explore Beyond Accolades

The Minister of Technology and Science, Felix Mutati, has called on young scientists to look beyond accolades and focus on utilizing their skills to address real-world challenges. 

The Minister’s remarks were made during a Gala dinner at the Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka, hosted by the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) in honor of Science Week.

Representing the Vice President, Minister Mutati acknowledged the remarkable creativity demonstrated by young innovators, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. He emphasized the potential of their solutions to pave the way for future entrepreneurial endeavors and job creation.

During the event, Minister Mutati lauded the efforts of young minds who showcased solutions, including an artificial intelligence system for early anthrax detection in animals and a Cyber Crime Remote Application System designed to alert parents of their child’s proximity to hazardous areas, ensuring timely preventive measures.

Encouraging the young accolade recipients, Minister Mutati urged them to channel their efforts into creating local solutions for specific challenges facing Zambia. 

He emphasized the importance of hard work and dedication in contributing to the development of innovative solutions.

Minister Mutati extended his encouragement to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) awardees, stating that recognition serves as a symbolic stimulant to inspire greater efforts in pursuing STEM interventions for the betterment of Zambia.

In a call for collaboration, Minister Mutati urged teachers to play a vital role in mentoring young scientists, helping them explore and exploit their capabilities to the fullest. He also advocated for the expansion of the STEM platform across the country, emphasizing the need for localized solutions to address specific problems.

Guest Mugala, the acting Executive Secretary of NSTC, added his voice to the encouragement, urging young scientists to break down barriers and strive for inclusion and equality in STEM programs. 

The event highlighted not only the achievements of the young innovators but also the importance of fostering a supportive environment for scientific exploration and technological advancement in Zambia.

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