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Two Suspects Arrested for Espionage and Transformer Vandalism in Westwood

In a recent development, Villa Lucia Police Post in Westwood has apprehended and charged two suspects for espionage. The arrested individuals are identified as William Jere, aged 29, of an unknown house number in the Makeni Konga Kanono area, and Justin Banda, aged 22, of an unknown house number in the Kanyama Ligoms area.

In a statement released by Rae Hamoonga, Police Spokesperson, the police also successfully impounded the motor vehicle used by the suspects, a Silver Toyota Vitz, bearing Registration Number ABX 7395, with Engine Number 1SZ-0011086 and Chassis Number SCP 10-3001628.

The arrests came following a report from Mongo Chinyama, aged 40, residing in the Kacheta area, on behalf of Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO). 

The report detailed the vandalism of a ZESCO transformer and the theft of all its copper components, with the exact value yet to be determined by ZESCO personnel. The incident occurred between October 3, 2023, around 23:00 hours and October 4, 2023, around 04:00 hours, within the Kacheta area.

According to the report, the witness noticed an unfamiliar motor vehicle passing through the area at around 23:00 hours, heading towards the location of the transformer. 

A few hours later, strange noises were heard near the transformer, followed by a power outage in the area. Upon investigation, the witness discovered that the transformer had disappeared.

Swift action was taken as the witness alerted neighbors, leading to the apprehension of the suspects, William Jere and Justin Banda. The police arrived at the scene and confirmed the incident, discovering the transformer covers on the ground with oil spillage, as well as the tools used in the act.

Both suspects have been taken into custody and are expected to appear in court soon to face charges related to espionage and transformer vandalism.

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