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FSP Beneficiaries Receive Agriculture Equipment and Livestock

In a remarkable development, beneficiaries of the Monze Food Security Pack (FSP) received a substantial boost to their agricultural endeavors today. 

The beneficiaries were handed over agriculture equipment and livestock valued at over K935,000, which was acquired through their payback recoveries.

The items distributed among the beneficiaries include 10 hammermills, 5 oil expellers, 3 dehullers, 31 beehives, 305 village chickens, 14 bags of sunflower seeds, and 276 goats. 

This support is expected to enhance agricultural productivity and improve the livelihoods of the beneficiaries.

At the handover ceremony, Ms. Patricia Muyamwa, the Director for Community Development, expressed her appreciation for the progress made in Monze District. 

She noted that Monze District has become one of the first districts to procure equipment through paybacks, setting a positive example for others in the province and across the country. 

Ms. Muyamwa highlighted the government’s commitment to addressing poverty and vulnerability by promoting domestic food security through initiatives like the FSP.

She emphasized the importance of treating farming as a lucrative business, even as the government promotes the mechanization of agricultural activities among rural small-scale farming communities. 

Ms. Muyamwa urged all stakeholders to continue supporting these initiatives and adhere to program guidelines to ensure the gradual eradication of poverty in the region.

Mr. Mwanza Malambo, Monze District Commissioner, lauded the FSP program for its unprecedented role in facilitating the procurement of agricultural equipment. 

He stressed that this development holds immense significance for the local community, as it will lead to a significant improvement in the lives of the beneficiaries. 

Mr. Malambo expressed his appreciation to the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services for successfully implementing programs that will undoubtedly contribute to national food security and the overall well-being of the Monze population.

The distribution of agriculture equipment and livestock to FSP beneficiaries represents a vital step toward enhancing food security, reducing poverty, and uplifting the lives of the people in Monze District. 

This initiative showcases the government’s dedication to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and supporting rural communities in their quest for prosperity.

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