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JCTR Advocates for Resilience Amidst Food Insecurity Challenges in Zambia

As Zambia grapples with food insecurity and rising costs, the Jesuit Centre for Theological Reflection (JCTR) issues a message of hope, urging for collective efforts to strengthen resilience during this Easter season.

In their recent statement, the JCTR highlights the alarming increase in the Basic Needs and Nutrition Basket (BNNB), reaching K10,603.40 for March, reflecting a 2.9% rise compared to February.

The surge in prices of essential food items, such as roller mealie meal and fruits, underscores the challenges faced by communities amidst adverse economic dynamics, including the impacts of El Niño-induced weather patterns and currency depreciation.

The JCTR emphasizes the critical implications of the escalating BNNB on households across Zambia, urging immediate government responses through food relief programs and long-term initiatives like irrigation projects and winter maize cultivation.

The recent agreement on debt restructuring presents an opportunity to allocate financial resources towards addressing food security concerns, underscoring the need for policymakers to prioritize essential social programs.

Furthermore, the JCTR offers recommendations aimed at fostering resilience and mitigating food insecurity, including household gardening, expansion of food relief programs, promotion of agroecology, sensitization on alternative food crops, and support for small-scale farmers in accessing irrigation equipment.

Embracing a vision of a just Zambian society guided by faith, the JCTR calls upon individuals, organizations, and policymakers to unite in the pursuit of a future where every Zambian has access to nutritious food.

Drawing inspiration from the message of hope and unity this Easter, the JCTR encourages collective efforts to combat food insecurity and create a community where no one suffers from hunger.

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