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MOTS Donates Two Utility Vehicles to NRSC to Boost Operations

The Zambian government continues its commitment to bolstering the operations of key institutions, aiming to bridge gaps and foster an enabling working environment. 

In this vein, the Ministry of Technology and Science (MOTS), led by Minister Felix Mutati, has handed over two utility vehicles to the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC).

Minister Mutati emphasized the importance of addressing the challenges faced by the NRSC, which include equipment, infrastructure, and staff capacity. 

These critical improvements are essential to ensure the effective execution of the center’s mandate.

The NRSC plays a crucial role in detecting early warning signs of floods, conducting wildlife audits, monitoring forests, and enhancing border security. 

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Ministry of Technology and Science recognizes the need to provide the NRSC with unwavering support to bolster its programs.

Minister Mutati also highlighted that the ministry is committed to upholding the NRSC’s significant activities, which are guided by a well-informed policy.

He mentioned that the ongoing roadmap includes the revision of the science, technology, and innovation policy to ensure that the NRSC remains compatible with current and future trends.

In addition to the donation of utility vehicles, the ministry aims to realize dividends from the NRSC by improving staff mobility and addressing transport challenges, ultimately enhancing productivity. 

Minister Mutati unveiled plans for the center’s staff to receive support for capacity building in satellite science and technology programs, with partnerships and collaborations from the Republic of Angola and the People’s Republic of China.

The minister expressed optimism that these initiatives would significantly increase the center’s output results. 

Furthermore, he noted that the ministry has made significant progress by adopting a methodical approach and is on the verge of officially unveiling improved remote sensing infrastructure.

This generous donation of utility vehicles and the commitment to strengthening the NRSC’s capabilities highlight the government’s dedication to leveraging science and technology for the benefit of the nation. 

The NRSC is expected to play an even more crucial role in various aspects of national development, thanks to the continued support and investment from the Ministry of Technology and Science.

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