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CUTS Advocates for Fiscal Justice Empowerment of Women and Girls

Consumer Unity and Trust Society (CUTS) is calling for collective responsibility in achieving fiscal justice for women and girls. Speaking at the George Resource Center in Matero Constituency, CUTS Programs Officer Victor Sikombe stressed that this empowerment would enable women and girls to reach their full potential at the family, community, and national levels. 

Sikombe emphasized the importance of women’s participation in economic development and urged them to understand the tax system and its benefits, as they are among the most marginalized groups in tax justice matters.

Sikombe highlighted that paying taxes contributes to essential services such as road development, hospital rehabilitation, drug supply, and free education. Councilor Patrick Salubusa of Kapwepwe Ward 29 commended CUTS International for their efforts in educating the community on tax justice.

He emphasized that tax education is essential for women and girls to advocate for their rights effectively.

Councilor Salubusa cited positive indicators of fiscal justice for women and girls, including increased access to education and school construction. Matero Ward 30 Councilor Annie Chinyanta encouraged women, girls, and youth to strive for meaningful positions in society.

She discouraged dependence on handouts and encouraged the formation of cooperatives.

Chinyanta highlighted the need for the government to reconsider tax measures affecting women and girls, including their businesses. She also urged other organizations to follow CUTS’ example by engaging grassroots communities in educating them on pertinent issues.

Councilor Daniel Mwewa of Lima Ward 30 urged women to formalize their businesses, regardless of size, to benefit from tax-related initiatives like the Constituency Development Fund. He emphasized the importance of formalization for recognition and access to benefits. 

Mwewa challenged young people who have benefited from tax incentives and free education to create opportunities for themselves instead of solely waiting for job opportunities after graduation.

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