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Police Recover Stolen Oxen and Detain Suspect in Mulonda Village Case

In a recent incident reported today, police in Westwood received a complaint from Mr. Simon Munsanje, aged 36, residing in Mulonda village. He reported the theft of two oxen, valued at K15,000. The incident occurred during the early hours of October 3, 2023, at approximately 01:00 hours in Mulonda village, Kabangalala area.

In statement issued by the police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, according to the preliminary information, Mr. Munsanje had secured his kraal and retired to bed at around 22:00 hours on October 2nd, 2023. However, he was awakened by unusual noises during the night. 

Upon investigating, he discovered that the kraal’s door was open, and his two oxen were missing. Mr. Munsanje promptly alerted his neighbors, and together, they followed footprints leading to the location where the animals had been slaughtered.

Further investigations revealed tire tracks that led them to a parked Mazda Demo vehicle, silver in color, with registration number BAG 2895, chassis number DY3W-456976, and engine number ZJ460175. This vehicle was found loaded with carcasses.

Upon inspecting the vehicle, authorities discovered an Identity Card for a member of the Zambia Police Community Crime Prevention and Control Association bearing the name Mwape Mwitwa, which had been issued in the Northern Province. Subsequently, a case docket was opened, and a suspect has been detained in connection with the case.

The Westwood Police express their gratitude and appreciation to the residents of Mulonda Village for their responsible actions throughout this investigation. 

They exhibited remarkable restraint and a commitment to fairness, due process, and the belief that all individuals, even those under suspicion, deserve dignity and respect. Such actions set a positive example for the community and reflect the values of justice, compassion, and restraint.

The Westwood Police acknowledge the significance of community cooperation in creating a harmonious and safe environment for all citizens. They commend the community’s commitment to fairness, justice, and compassion and encourage everyone to continue striving for a society that upholds these principles.

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