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ZRA Donates Half a Million Kwacha to Cholera Relief Efforts

The Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has generously donated Five Hundred Thousand Kwacha (K500,000) to the Ministry of Health in a bid to combat the ongoing cholera outbreak. 

This financial support is aimed at bolstering the ongoing efforts to mitigate the impact of the cholera epidemic.

Oliver Nzala, the Corporate Communications Manager at ZRA, highlighted that Three Hundred Thousand Kwacha (K300,000) of the total donation is designated to provide the Ministry of Health with a substantial Ten Thousand liters of fuel. 

As part of the initiative, 50 vehicles selected from the Ministry of Health have already commenced fueling operations at a designated service station.

Mr. Nzala emphasized that the contribution extends beyond financial aid, encompassing essential supplies. “The donation also includes Fifty Thousand pairs of surgical gloves and 200 blankets,” he stated, underlining ZRA’s commitment to providing tangible support to the Ministry’s relief efforts.

Recognizing the collective responsibility in tackling the cholera crisis, ZRA believes that individuals, families, and organizations must actively engage in mitigating the effects of such outbreaks. 

Mr. Nzala emphasized the need for collaboration, stating, “While acknowledging the Ministry of Health’s leading role in fighting the cholera outbreak, we also recognize that effective collaboration with other organizations is crucial.”

The fight against cholera demands a comprehensive, multi-sectoral approach, and ZRA has pledged to stand by the Ministry of Health in enhancing public health measures. 

Beyond financial and material support, ZRA has taken organizational measures to enforce guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health within its premises. 

This includes the reinforcement of hygiene and sanitation measures and the installation of trash bins to facilitate proper garbage disposal for individuals and the business community around ZRA.

Mr. Nzala concluded by reiterating ZRA’s commitment to providing quality services to taxpayers and its dedication to playing a proactive role in community well-being, especially during challenging times like the current cholera outbreak. 

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