Zambia Celebrated Farmers’ Day with a Focus on Inclusive Economic Transformation

In celebration of Farmers’ Day, Zambia embraced the theme of “Inclusive Economic Development,” recognizing the significant role played by farmers in driving the nation’s progress and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Economic transformation was deemed essential for sustainable and equitable economic growth, job creation, and poverty reduction in an inclusive manner. Inclusive economic development went beyond mere economic expansion; it aimed to ensure that the benefits of development were shared among all segments of society, including marginalized populations and vulnerable communities.

The backbone of Zambia’s economic growth was the hard work and dedication of the farmers, who tirelessly cultivated the land, produced abundant food, and provided raw materials. They played a pivotal role in the agricultural sector, supplying nourishment to citizens and supporting various industries, from agribusiness to manufacturing.

Inclusive economic development was at the heart of Zambia’s national vision, with farmers being key players in realizing this vision. Their efforts extended beyond their farms, positively impacting rural communities and fostering economic growth across the country. To achieve true inclusivity, efforts were made to empower women farmers by providing equal access to resources and opportunities, acknowledging their significant role in food production and agricultural activities.

The Government, in collaboration with various stakeholders, diligently worked to empower farmers by providing improved irrigation systems, agricultural training programs, and financial assistance to enhance their productivity. As Zambia transitioned from the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP) to the Comprehensive Agriculture Transformation Support Programme (CATSP), the aim was to increase agricultural production and productivity.

On that occasion, heartfelt appreciation was extended to every farmer, their families, and their support networks for their unwavering dedication and commitment to their craft. Their hard work and perseverance exemplified the spirit of the nation.

As Farmers’ Day was commemorated under the theme of inclusive economic development, a collective pledge was made to prioritize the well-being of farmers, protect their interests, and create an enabling environment that promoted prosperity and growth for all. This involved not only advancing agriculture but also investing in education, healthcare, and infrastructure in rural areas to support the holistic development of farmers and their families.

Together, efforts were made to build a stronger and more resilient agricultural sector that acted as a catalyst for broader economic development, providing opportunities for all Zambians to thrive.

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