The general public is hereby informed that the High Court of Malawi has issued a temporary stay of the interim injunction it previously granted on 28th July 2023 against Multichoice Malawi (MCM). The initial injunction restrained MCM from making any changes or modifications to DSTV tariffs. The temporary stay was granted on 31st July 2023 and was valid for four days, until 3rd August 2023, to allow MCM to correct its systems and revert to the old (existing) DSTV tariffs.

However, on 4th August 2023, the Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) received another court order extending the temporary stay of injunction until Monday, 7th August 2023. This extension comes as a result of an application by MCM to the Court, in which MCM argued that its principal, Multichoice Africa BV Holdings (MAH), is unable to revert to the old DSTV tariffs. MCM claimed that reversing the tariffs would cause damage to MAH’s business and operations in Malawi and several other countries.

In light of this recent development, DSTV customers are hereby advised that, according to the injunction obtained by MACRA, the current, unchanged, and approved DSTV tariffs will continue to apply from 8th August 2023 unless otherwise directed by the Court. Therefore, DSTV customers are urged to adhere to the current tariffs until further notice.

For any updates or changes to the DSTV tariffs, customers are encouraged to follow official communications from Multichoice Malawi and MACRA. The public is assured that both parties are working diligently to resolve this matter and ensure a fair and transparent tariff structure for DSTV services in Malawi.

Any further announcements or directives from the Court regarding the DSTV tariffs will be promptly communicated to the public through official channels. DSTV customers are advised to stay informed and act accordingly based on the guidance provided by MACRA and Multichoice Malawi.

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