HPCZ Investigates Woman’s Death Following Medical Operation in Fake Health Practitioner’s House

The Health Professions Council of Zambia (HPCZ) is conducting a thorough investigation into the death of a woman after undergoing a medical operation performed by an illegal health practitioner. Brian Musonda, a 36-year-old of Congolese origin, was apprehended by the Zambia Police Service for providing healthcare services without a valid license.

According to preliminary findings, Mr. Musonda was masquerading as a health practitioner and operating an illegal health facility from his residence in Lusaka’s Makeni East area. The HPCZ received an anonymous tip about his illegal activities, which alleged that he caused the death of a 37-year-old woman from George Compound in July while attempting to remove fibroids through a surgical procedure.

Mr. Musonda was arrested on Friday, 28th July 2023, during the operation conducted by the HPCZ and the Zambia Police. Upon his arrest, one patient was found admitted at his premises, and various medical equipment and supplies were seized. The patient was immediately transferred to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) for proper medical care.

Mr. Musonda is now facing charges for violating several provisions of the Health Professions Act No. 24 of 2009, including practicing without registration (Section 6) and operating an unlicensed health facility (Section 36).

HPCZ is urging health service consumers to avoid seeking healthcare services from unauthorized individuals or places. It’s essential to ensure that health practitioners attending to patients are registered and licensed by the Council. The public has the right to request the professional identity of any healthcare provider attending to them.

The Council emphasizes the importance of adhering to National Health Care Standards and improving the quality of healthcare services, which requires collective efforts from HPCZ, law enforcement officers, and members of the public alike.

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