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Lesotho Denies Entry to South African Entertainer Zodwa Wabantu

The Ministry of Local Government, Chieftainship, Home Affairs, and Police of the Kingdom of Lesotho wishes to inform the public that South African entertainer Zodwa Wabantu will not be granted entry into the country.

The decision to deny entry to Miss Zodwa Wabantu is based on concerns regarding her public performances, where she is known to appear without appropriate attire. Such conduct is considered public indecency, and it is in violation of Lesotho’s Panel Code Act of 2010, Section 56. This section of the law stipulates that any person who engages in an indecent spectacle or performance in public, or performs any indecent act that could offend any reasonable member of the public, commits a crime.

Given the provisions of our Penal Code, we have chosen to take preemptive action and restrict Miss Zodwa Wabantu’s entry into Lesotho. Our aim is to uphold the values and standards of public decency that our nation cherishes, in alignment with our Christian principles.

As a Christian nation, we remain steadfast in safeguarding our cherished Christian values and cultural norms. Lesotho’s commitment to preserving these values remains non-negotiable, and we are resolute in maintaining our principles.

The decision to deny entry to Miss Zodwa Wabantu is a reflection of our dedication to maintaining a harmonious society where moral values are respected and upheld. Lesotho welcomes visitors who respect our laws and cultural ethos, and we look forward to hosting those who are committed to adhering to our nation’s values.

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