Zambian Government Partners with Kuwaiti College to Enhance Aviation Training

The Zambian government has called for partnerships in aviation training to reduce the costs associated with training personnel abroad and promote the transfer of technical expertise to local individuals. Frederick Mwalusaka, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, highlighted the high expenses of aviation training primarily conducted outside the country.

Speaking at the signing ceremony of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the College of Aviation and Technology (CAT) of Kuwait and the Southern Africa Institute of Aviation Science and Technology (SAIATS) of Zambia in Lusaka, Mr. Mwalusaka expressed optimism regarding the partnership’s potential benefits.

He emphasized that the partnership would significantly reduce the cost of aviation training while facilitating the transfer of technical expertise to local trainees. This, in turn, would strengthen in-house training for key industry players. The Permanent Secretary believed that the MoU would greatly enrich aviation industry training in various programs, providing students with exciting career paths.

Mr. Mwalusaka expressed gratitude to Kuwait for supporting the College of Aviation and Technology’s partnership with the Zambian institution, affirming that such collaborations are encouraged by the New Dawn Administration.

Mafunase Malenga, Managing Director of SAIAST, stated that the institution is proud to enter into the partnership, expecting it to contribute significantly to the growth of the aviation industry and bring about positive change. She acknowledged the high cost of aviation training for industry stakeholders, particularly in Zambia. With partnerships like this, she anticipated a reduction in training costs through the use of in-house trainers with expertise from their partners.

The MoU signing between the two institutions symbolizes a partnership that will lead to new initiatives, collaborations, and added value for both SAIAST and CAT in the years ahead, according to Ms. Malenga. She further emphasized SAIAST’s vision to become Zambia’s leading air travel and tourism trainer, investing additional resources to enhance knowledge and foster extensive research efforts for the benefit of the country.

Abdulrazzak Al Mahmoud, Chairman and CEO of CAT, shared that his institution has graduated over 600 students specializing in aviation maintenance engineering and avionics over the last 70 years. He expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting CAT’s capability to provide various courses.

The collaboration between the College of Aviation and Technology of Kuwait and the Southern Africa Institute of Aviation Science and Technology of Zambia represents a significant step toward enhancing aviation training within the country. By reducing costs and promoting technical expertise transfer, this partnership aims to strengthen the aviation industry and create new opportunities for growth and development.

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