TAM Condemns Illovo Sugar Malawi’s Decision to Offer Business to Foreign Companies

The Transporters Association of Malawi (TAM), a prominent local player in the transport industry, strongly condemns the recent decision allegedly made by Illovo Sugar Malawi, a major player in the sugar industry, to award international sugar haulage contracts to foreign transport companies.

TAM believes that supporting local businesses is crucial for fostering economic prosperity and job creation within the community and the country as a whole. By giving preference to foreign companies, Illovo Sugar Malawi is undermining the growth of domestic businesses and disadvantaging the local economy.

It is imperative that large companies like Illovo prioritize and invest in local enterprises, which possess the necessary capacity and technical expertise to handle any volume of sugar transportation to any destination in Africa. This approach can drive domestic growth, ensure the long-term stability of the economy, and save much-needed foreign currency, as local transporters would be remunerated in the local currency, Malawi kwacha. Active engagement and collaboration with local businesses can foster innovation, create employment opportunities, and contribute to national development.

Furthermore, offering business exclusively to foreign companies raises concerns about the security and sovereignty of the nation and may compromise the quality and efficiency of operations. Dependence on foreign entities not only puts sensitive data and intellectual property at risk but also compromises national self-sufficiency and independence.

In light of this alleged troubling development, the Transporters Association of Malawi urges Illovo Sugar Malawi to reassess its decision and take immediate measures to promote inclusivity, diversity, and the local business ecosystem. TAM encourages Illovo Sugar Malawi to recognize the invaluable contribution of local businesses and increase their participation in operations, procurement, and supply chains.

TAM also calls upon government authorities, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders to foster an environment that encourages and supports local businesses. Such actions would demonstrate a commitment to economic growth and the Buy Malawi campaign. Implementing policies and initiatives that promote fair competition, prioritize domestic enterprises, and nurture entrepreneurship will pave the way for a prosperous and self-reliant economy.

TAM remains committed to working with businesses, government authorities, and stakeholders to safeguard the interests of the domestic business community. The association will continue advocating for policies that foster economic growth, job creation, and a thriving business environment for all.

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