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Zambian Health Ministry Denies Rumored Typhoid Outbreak in Lusaka 

The Zambian Ministry of Health has firmly denied recent rumors of a typhoid outbreak in Lusaka. 

In an official press statement released today, Dr. Kalangwa Kalangwa, spokesperson for the Ministry, confirmed that thorough investigations and surveillance reviews have dispelled the claims of a typhoid epidemic in the district.

“Following a comprehensive investigation and review of surveillance and laboratory trends, we can confirm that there is no typhoid outbreak in Lusaka,” Dr. Kalangwa stated. The Ministry’s disease intelligence and surveillance systems are designed to detect infectious diseases, including typhoid, and have shown no evidence of an epidemic.

The Ministry emphasized its commitment to public health through ongoing measures such as water quality monitoring, sanitation efforts, and vaccination programs. These initiatives are crucial for preventing the spread of typhoid and other waterborne diseases.

Dr. Kalangwa urged the public to avoid spreading unverified information that could cause unnecessary panic. “Accurate information will always be communicated through official channels,” he reassured.

The Ministry’s multisectoral public health teams continue to work vigilantly to ensure the health and safety of the population. The public is encouraged to rely on verified information from official Ministry channels to stay informed about public health issues.

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