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Emirates Unveils “Fly Better” Wellness Tips for 2024 Travelers

As the first month of the new year prompts resolutions and a renewed commitment to healthier living, Emirates shares exclusive insider tips on how to ‘fly better’ in 2024, placing wellness at the forefront of the travel experience.

Minimize Stress Using Technology:

Emirates emphasizes the role of technology in reducing travel-related stress. The Emirates app offers a range of services, allowing customers to book and change flights, check in online, choose seats, and even pre-order meals in Business Class. The app also provides digital boarding passes, flight notifications, and the option to plan inflight entertainment, enhancing overall control over the journey.

Keep Your Hand Luggage Light:

While Emirates provides a generous luggage allowance, including 20kg to 50kg for checked baggage, the airline recommends keeping hand luggage to a minimum. Overpacking can lead to neck or shoulder pain, and Emirates Cabin Crew suggests using proper manual handling techniques to protect the back while lifting bags into overhead compartments.

Tune into Happiness & Wellbeing Content on ice:

Emirates’ inflight entertainment system, ice, features a dedicated section for Happiness and Wellbeing content. Passengers can enjoy nature relaxation series, explorative documentaries, guided meditations, and specially curated relaxation playlists to enhance the travel experience.


To combat the effects of long flights, Emirates recommends in-seat exercises for all classes. With generous legroom in all cabins, performing simple exercises like feet circling, knee presses, shoulder circles, and neck stretches can help improve blood flow and mobility during the journey.

Enjoy Emirates Nutritious, Locally Sourced Food:

Emirates takes pride in serving over 110 million nutritious and delicious meals annually, using seasonal products and locally sourced ingredients. The airline collaborates with artisan suppliers worldwide, offering a culinary experience that showcases the best ingredients, such as Bateel dates from the UAE and Monte Vibiano olive oil from Italy.

Drink Dilmah Tea to Aid Digestion:

Emirates exclusively partners with Dilmah Tea, known for its digestive benefits. Black or green tea, rich in antioxidants, aids digestion, reduces cholesterol, and promotes gut health. Dilmah Tea’s unique blend containing L-Theanine provides a moderate and sustained energy boost, ideal for passengers crossing time zones.


Emirates emphasizes the importance of hydration for passenger comfort. Drinking water before, during, and after a flight is crucial, and the airline ensures the quality of onboard drinking water. First and Business Class customers are offered freshly pressed fruit and vegetable juice, and passengers can supplement hydration with soluble oral rehydration tablets available onboard.

Replenish Skin Moisture:

Emirates provides skincare products to enhance passenger comfort. From complimentary world-class products in premium cabins to a variety of cult favorites available for purchase onboard, passengers can replenish their skin’s moisture during the flight.

Breathe Mindfully:

Emirates’ modern fleet ensures excellent ventilation, and the air quality is comparable to hospital operating theaters. Passengers are encouraged to practice deep breathing exercises to induce relaxation. The airline also provides a range of hygiene products, including nasal spray, eye drops, and skincare items for added comfort.

Maintain Good Hygiene:

Emirates maintains high hygiene standards, with aircraft cleaned after each trip. Comfort items are presented in hygienically sealed packaging, lavatories are equipped with sanitizing soap, disposable tissues, and disposable toilet seat covers, ensuring passengers travel in a clean and healthy environment.

Treat Yourself to a Massage:

For ultimate relaxation, Emirates recommends indulging in a massage at the Timeless Spa located in the First and Business Class Lounges of Terminal 3, Dubai International Airport. Complimentary spa treatments are offered to First Class Lounge customers, providing a luxurious pre or post-travel experience.

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