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Zambia Announces Stability in Fuel Supply and Progress on TAZAMA Pipeline Open Access Regime

Energy Permanent Secretary, Mr. Peter Mumba has provided key updates on the fuel situation in Zambia during a press briefing, emphasizing the country’s ample petroleum and diesel stocks, and urging the public to remain calm.

Mr. Mumba highlighted the government’s ongoing efforts to implement an open access regime for the TAZAMA pipeline through a competitive bidding process, which is currently at the award stage. 

He noted the importance of this development, particularly as 100% of petroleum products are delivered by road, while 80% of diesel is transported through the TAZAMA pipeline.

“The government’s objective regarding fuel prices is to secure affordable fuel for the country to promote better economic development,” stated Mr. Mumba. 

He welcomed oil marketing companies interested in supplying cheap fuel to Zambia, indicating that the government is open to collaborations that can reduce fuel costs.

The Ministry of Energy has already received and approved several firms to supply low sulfur gas oil via the TAZAMA pipeline. As a temporary measure pending the full implementation of the open access regime, nominations for diesel supply through the pipeline have been made in accordance with clause 6 of the TAZAMA pipeline open access guidelines.

Mr. Mumba stressed the national security implications of the white petroleum products supply, assuring that the Ministry of Energy is committed to maintaining a secure and continuous supply. 

He mentioned that the Minister of Energy is authorized under the Energy Act to take all necessary measures to ensure this security.

Additionally, the government is actively reviewing the matter of quarterly price reviews, signaling potential adjustments in the near future.

In conclusion, Mr. Mumba reassured the public of the country’s stable fuel situation, the ongoing efforts to implement the open access regime for the TAZAMA pipeline, and the government’s commitment to securing affordable fuel for economic growth.

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