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Zambia’s INTERPOL Candidate Seeks Egyptian Support

Mubita Nawa, Zambia’s Deputy Commissioner of Police and the endorsed African Union candidate for Secretary-General of INTERPOL, visited Egypt on 10th June, 2024 to rally support for his candidacy.

Nawa’s campaign team, led by Ambassador Lazarous Kapambwe as Special Envoy for President Hakainde Hichilema, engaged in high-level meetings with Egyptian officials. 

They met with Assistant Minister of Public Security, Major General Mahmoud Abou Amra, and senior diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ambassador Kapambwe conveyed President Hichilema’s appreciation for Egypt’s endorsement of Nawa’s candidacy through the African Union. 

Highlighting the historical significance of Nawa’s candidacy, Kapambwe stressed that it marks Africa’s first opportunity in nearly a century to have a candidate for the position of INTERPOL Secretary-General.

In his vision statement, Nawa emphasized a unified and resilient INTERPOL, advocating for structural reforms to enhance the organisation’s responsiveness to contemporary global challenges and promote diversity in its leadership.

Egyptian officials affirmed their support for Nawa’s candidacy, aligning with the African Union’s stance. General Mahmoud Amra assured Egypt’s backing, underscoring the importance of Africa’s representation in global decision-making forums.

The elections for the Secretary-General of INTERPOL are scheduled for November, 2024 in Glasgow, Scotland, where Nawa will contend against candidates from the UK, Pakistan, and Brazil.

Ambassador Kapambwe concluded the meetings expressing optimism for Nawa’s candidacy, believing it will usher in a new era of inclusive leadership at INTERPOL.

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