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President Hichilema Hosts FIFA President Gianni Infantino at State House

President Hakainde Hichilema welcomed FIFA President Gianni Infantino and his delegation at State House this morning, marking a significant moment for Zambian football and global sports collaboration.

During the meeting, President Hichilema expressed sincere gratitude to FIFA for its impactful contributions to global sports, emphasizing the pivotal role of football in promoting health, business, and community development worldwide.

He highlighted how footballers’ contributions through their earnings have benefitted various social initiatives such as clinics and schools.

Acknowledging FIFA’s leadership and investments across different levels of football, President Hichilema urged for enhanced business training for footballers to effectively manage their finances.

He stressed the importance of teamwork in addressing challenges within the football community through dialogue rather than litigation.

The President encouraged FIFA to continue advancing technological developments in football, underscoring their positive impact on the sport’s growth and accessibility.

A key outcome of the meeting was the announcement that the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) and the Zambian Government, through the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Art, will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a technical training center in Chongwe district.

This center will include football pitches, accommodation facilities, a new FAZ headquarters, and a center of excellence, aiming to bolster football development in Zambia.

President Hichilema disclosed that the Zambian government has allocated 80 hectares of land for the construction of this facility, underscoring its commitment to nurturing football talent and infrastructure in the country.

In response, FIFA President Gianni Infantino commended President Hichilema for his unwavering support for Zambian football teams, noting Zambia’s rich football history and the outstanding representation by the Copper Queens on the global stage.

Infantino emphasized that football serves as a unifying force globally and highlighted Zambia’s prominent position in international football, particularly lauding the achievements of the Copper Queens as exemplary ambassadors for the nation.

The meeting concluded with a reaffirmed commitment from both parties to strengthen cooperation in football development, with a focus on enhancing grassroots initiatives and leveraging technology for the benefit of football enthusiasts across Zambia.

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