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President Hichilema Pledges Unity, Law Enforcement, and Economic Recovery 

President Hakainde Hichilema delivered a significant address to the nation today, emphasizing crucial issues of national interest and outlining a comprehensive agenda aimed at steering Zambia towards unity, justice, and economic prosperity.

In a resolute stance against division and discrimination, President Hichilema affirmed Zambia’s heritage as a unified nation, denouncing divisive rhetoric and hate speech. 

He underscored the government’s commitment to increasing penalties for theft, including the theft of essential infrastructure like electric cables. 

Additionally, the President announced a landmark decision to incorporate national unity-focused topics into the school curriculum, targeting tribalism and hate speech among the youth.

Addressing the rule of law, President Hichilema declared a firm stance against lawlessness, asserting that no individual, regardless of political affiliation or status, would evade accountability for criminal behavior. 

He called for swift action against those disrupting public order and verbally abusing citizens.

The fight against corruption emerged as a cornerstone of President Hichilema’s administration, with commitments to amend legislation hindering anti-corruption efforts and intensify asset recovery and prosecution. 

Notably, the President pledged to establish a tribunal to investigate the misuse of public loans, ensuring accountability and transparency in public expenditure.

Turning to economic recovery, President Hichilema prioritized rebuilding the nation’s economy, particularly amidst challenges such as drought, energy insecurity, and rising food costs. 

He revealed the approval of over $400 million by the International Monetary Fund to aid drought response efforts and announced measures to reduce the cost of living, including increased social cash transfers for SME families.

Furthermore, the President highlighted the government’s efforts to realign the 2024 budget, redirecting resources to essential areas and initiating discussions with financial institutions to finance energy expansion projects.

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