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Government Evacuates 20 Zambian Cancer Patients to India for Specialized Treatment During Hospital Recapitalization

The Zambian government, in a proactive response to the ongoing recapitalization of the Cancer Hospital in Zambia, has taken swift action by facilitating the evacuation of 20 individuals to India for specialized cancer treatment, ensuring uninterrupted care for patients facing immediate healthcare needs.

The patients, accompanied by two nurses and four caregivers, arrived in Hyderabad on Wednesday and were warmly received by Professor Victor Mukonka, the Health Advisor at the Zambia High Commission in India. The group is set to undergo treatment at KIMS Hospitals in Hyderabad.

In a statement issued by Bennie Mundando, the First Secretary (Press & Tourism) at the Zambia High Commission in New Delhi, Professor Mukonka emphasized the importance of the evacuation as an interim measure to guarantee continuous treatment.

He highlighted that these patients specifically require radiotherapy, and the government has negotiated with KIMS Hospitals to provide this specialized care.

“The Cancer Hospital in Zambia is undergoing recapitalization to bring in modern equipment. In the interim, the Government has made necessary measures to ensure the treatment protocol is not disrupted,” explained Professor Mukonka.

The Health Advisor also mentioned that the patients will undergo assessments with specialist doctors, with treatment expected to commence on Tuesday. The duration of their stay in India is estimated to be about a month.

Furthermore, Professor Mukonka revealed that efforts are underway to facilitate skills transfer programs, ensuring that once the Cancer Hospital in Zambia is recapitalized, it will be fully equipped to provide the necessary services locally. 

This includes training healthcare personnel, acquiring proper infrastructure and equipment, and ensuring a consistent supply of medicines.

KIMS Hospitals cancer specialist and Head of Department, Dr. Pratap Reddy, assured the Zambian patients of quality service. Dr. Reddy acknowledged the increasing global incidence of cancer cases and expressed gratitude for the trust placed in their hospital by the Zambian government and patients.

“We will be explaining different treatment procedures based on individual situations, and I assure them that we will provide the best care from our side,” affirmed Dr. Reddy.

Ms. Mundando, the First Secretary said that this collaborative effort between the Zambian government and KIMS Hospitals not only addresses the immediate health concerns of the evacuated patients but also lays the groundwork for future developments in cancer treatment within Zambia.

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