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Zambia Ramps Up Anti-Corruption Fight with Asset Recovery Focus

President Hakainde Hichilema has pledged unwavering commitment to tackling corruption in Zambia, emphasizing a two-pronged approach of prosecuting offenders and recovering stolen assets.

Speaking at the launch of the National Policy on Anti-Corruption (NPAC), Hichilema called for a balanced approach that includes stricter sentences, fast-track courts, and a focus on asset recovery.

“The fight against corruption requires a clear and holistic policy,” he said. “Those who steal from the public must face the full consequences of their actions.”

The President addressed concerns about leniency, assuring the public that efforts are underway to combat past, present, and future corruption. 

He urged Zambians to actively participate by reporting corruption through the Anti-Corruption Commission’s (ACC) whistleblower system.

The NPAC aims to achieve a “Zero Tolerance to Corruption” vision. Justice Minister Hon. Mulambo Haimbe echoed the President’s sentiments, highlighting the policy’s focus on strengthening anti-corruption authorities.

ACC Director General Thom Shamakamba revealed that the new policy promotes transparency and accountability, with recovered properties already secured.

Transparency International Zambia Chapter President Priscilla Chansa commended the government’s efforts, pointing to a 4-point improvement in Zambia’s 2023 Corruption Perception Index. She acknowledged the need for continued progress.

The launch drew various stakeholders, including the Ministry of Justice, foreign embassies, and civil society organizations, signifying a collaborative effort against corruption.

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