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Zambia Needs Homegrown Wealth Creators, Says Economist

Economist Mr. Kelvin Chisanga says Zambia requires a policy shift to nurture local businesses and entrepreneurs.

This comes as the country seeks to increase domestic participation in its economy.

Mr. Chisanga emphasizes the need for a comprehensive policy support system that safeguards Zambians venturing into business ventures.

He argues that current local content and industrialization policies should actively promote “escalations of key fundamental efforts” and encourage “strong actions” to address real industry challenges.

Zambia boasts vast natural resources, yet Mr. Chisanga expresses concern about their underutilization.

He highlights the potential for these resources to drive sustainable economic growth.

Mr. Chisanga points to Zambia’s youthful population and its untapped market potential.

He emphasizes the need to leverage this demographic advantage to propel the country forward.

Mr. Chisanga’s statements urge Zambia to prioritize nurturing homegrown wealth creators.

By fostering a supportive environment for local businesses and entrepreneurs, the country can unlock its full economic potential.

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