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Lusaka Introduces Cycling and Pedestrian Safety Policy Strategy

The City of Lusaka has introduced a Cycling and Pedestrian Safety Policy Strategy aiming at creating a safer and more inclusive urban environment.

Spearheaded by the Mayor of Lusaka, this initiative aims to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation options within the city.

During a signing ceremony held at the Civic Centre, the Mayor emphasized the importance of this strategy for the city’s development. 

“Safe roads are essential for all road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. Effective guidelines, such as those highlighted in the Cycling and Pedestrian Safety Strategy, are crucial to protecting everyone from traffic accidents,” she stated.

The strategy is a significant step towards enhancing the well-being of Lusaka’s residents by promoting safe and sustainable transportation. 

The Mayor underscored the need for improved road infrastructure, including cycling lanes, pedestrian pathways, and street lighting. “To achieve this, substantial resources are needed,” she added.

Chola Mwamba, the Public Relations Manager for Lusaka City Council (LCC), reiterated the Mayor’s points in a statement. 

She highlighted that the strategy reflects Lusaka’s commitment to fostering a safer and more inclusive city.

Daniel Mwamba, Chairperson of the Zambia Road Safety Trust (ZRST), praised the initiative. “Comprehensive public education and sensitization are key to improving road safety in the city,” he said. 

He expressed gratitude for the partnership with the Local Authority in formulating the city’s first-ever Cycling and Pedestrian Safety Policy Strategy.

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