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Zambia Welcomes Sinoengine Investment Limited as LGMG Truck Distributor

The Copperbelt Province of Zambia is buzzing with excitement after the launch of Sinoengine Investment Limited, the exclusive distributor of LGMG trucks in the country. The ceremony was graced by the presence of the Minister of Commerce, Trades, and Industry, Hon. Chipoka Mulenga.

This new venture is creating a wave of optimism, particularly regarding job opportunities for Zambians. Sinoengine Investment Limited has already begun employing a significant number of people, both directly and indirectly.

The company’s commitment to local talent is further evident by its decision to fill even top management positions with Zambians.

There’s more to celebrate! Sinoengine Investment Limited is setting its sights on expansion into neighboring countries like Zimbabwe and Malawi. This presents exciting prospects for Zambian employees, who could potentially contribute their skills across borders.

The arrival of Sinoengine Investment Limited is particularly timely for Zambia’s mining industry. The government, under President Hakainde Hichilema, has set an ambitious target of producing 3 million tonnes of copper by 2030.

With LGMG trucks becoming available locally, mining giants like Mopani Copper Mines and KCM will have the opportunity to source their trucks domestically, potentially boosting their production and contributing to the national target.

During the launch ceremony, the Copperbelt Province Minister, Hon. Elisha Matambo, emphasized the importance of fair labor practices. He urged Sinoengine Investment Limited to ensure its workers receive competitive wages and long-term employment contracts.

Looking ahead, Minister Matambo extended a warm invitation to other investors. The Copperbelt Province, he assured, is now a peaceful and secure environment for investment, thanks to the efforts of the New Dawn Government. With an enabling environment in place, the Copperbelt is ready to welcome new ventures across all sectors.

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