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Kawambwa Seeks Dual Water Intake Lines to Address Erratic Supply

Kawambwa Town Council Chairperson Kalumba Chifumbe has identified constructing a new raw water intake line and rehabilitating the existing one as the solution to the district’s erratic water supply.

Currently, Kawambwa relies on a single 5.5-kilometer pipeline to deliver raw water from the intake point to the treatment plant. 

Chifumbe believes a parallel line is necessary to improve water flow.

“The advantage of transportation of water from the source to the treatment plant is by gravity,” Chifumbe explained in a statement issued by Kashi Joel Norman Public Relations Unit. “Once this primary objective is achieved, the district will have a stable supply of water.”

The project is estimated to cost K4 million and is expected to address the current limitations caused by a non-functional collection chamber.

To expedite the repairs, Chifumbe has called for collaboration between local authority engineers and those from the Luapula Water and Sewerage Company. 

He also revealed discussions are underway to explore using Constituency Development Funds to address the water challenge.

While a solution is being developed, Chifumbe urged residents for patience and to refrain from agricultural activities near the water source, as this disrupts the recharge zone.

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