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Hichilema Calls for Unity and Reform at African Land Forces Summit in Zambia

At the African Land Forces Summit held in Livingstone, Zambia, President Hakainde Hichilema addressed the gathering of military leaders from over 38 African nations.

Hichilema’s speech focused on African unity and collaboration in tackling the continent’s shared challenges.

He expressed his appreciation for the summit’s theme, “Regional Solutions to Transnational Problems,” acknowledging the importance of working together to address issues like instability and insecurity.

Zambia’s role as host and its active participation in fostering regional stability through SADC were highlighted by the President.

Hichilema emphasized the importance of African nations learning from each other’s experiences and sharing best practices.

He stressed the need to understand the root causes of instability in Africa, which can be historical, geographical, economic, or social in nature.

The President expressed his gratitude to the United States, particularly the Southern European Task Force, for their support in organizing the summit.

He also declared a collective commitment by African leaders to prioritize economic development as a foundation for social progress.

Hichilema called for a reform of the global financial system to ensure Africa receives fair access to capital, technology, and investment opportunities.

He emphasized that local solutions for transnational challenges must be coupled with international collaboration, knowledge sharing, capacity building, and technology transfer.

Finally, the President advocated for open and direct communication among leaders to achieve progress.

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