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Govt Has Achieved 80% of UPND Campaign Promises, Says Kawana

Today, in a press briefing held in Lusaka, Information and Media Permanent Secretary Mr. Thabo Kawana highlighted significant achievements and milestones made by the Zambian government in various sectors over the past two and a half years. 

One notable accomplishment is the fulfillment of 80% of the pledges made to the Zambian people through the United Party for National Development (UPND) manifesto. The government aims to achieve 100% fulfillment of these promises in the next two and a half years, demonstrating its commitment to its electoral mandates.

Cabinet has also approved the establishment of an Independent Debt Management Office (IDMO) with support from the Federal Republic of Germany, signaling progress in debt restructuring efforts. Moreover, the annual inflation rate has decreased from 24% in 2021 to 13% as of January 2024, indicating positive economic trends under the current administration’s stewardship.

In terms of social sector disbursements, the government has remained on track with the allocation of funds as outlined in the National Budget. Additionally, salaries for all civil servants have been increased under the New Dawn Administration, reflecting the government’s commitment to improving public sector welfare.

Significant strides have also been made in job creation across various sectors. Notable job opportunities have emerged in manufacturing, mining, agriculture, transport, construction, energy, and services. The public sector has witnessed substantial recruitment, with over 39,000 teachers, 14,000 health workers, and 4,500 defense force personnel employed in recent years.

To bolster private sector growth, the government has implemented policies aimed at creating a conducive environment for investment and entrepreneurship. These efforts are geared towards stimulating economic activity, fostering innovation, and creating sustainable employment opportunities for Zambians.

In the mining sector, substantial investments totaling millions of dollars have been secured for projects such as the Enterprise Nickel project, Moxico partnership, and Ming’omba Mining project. Additionally, negotiations have resulted in increased local ownership in mining ventures, reflecting the government’s commitment to equitable resource distribution.

In agriculture, initiatives have been launched to promote local manufacturing of fertilizers, encourage maize planting, and support farmers through comprehensive agricultural transformation programs. The reopening of farm blocks for the Zambia National Service (ZNS) and the operation of milling plants further underscore the government’s efforts to enhance food security and agricultural productivity.

Mr. Thabo Kawana also addressed and refuted claims of an alleged incident involving the forceful ejection of a Zambian citizen from a church service, emphasizing that such assertions were unfounded. Overall, the government’s endeavors aim to promote economic growth, job creation, and social development, aligning with its commitment to improving the welfare of all Zambians.

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