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CIC Extends Gratitude to Ministry of Local Government and ZAF for Successful Kuomboka Coverage

The Central Information Centre (CIC) expressed heartfelt appreciation to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, led by Hon. Gary Nkombo, and the Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Command, under the leadership of Lt. General Nyoni, for their instrumental roles in facilitating the successful coverage of the Kuomboka ceremony.

In an official statement issued by Maureen Chanda, CIC’s Public Relations Officer, the organization commended the Ministry and the Air Force Command for their exceptional support in ensuring the logistical arrangements for the event were executed with precision and accuracy. 

The ferrying of chiefs from various parts of the country was highlighted as a particularly significant task that was handled efficiently.

Chanda further noted that one of CIC’s journalists had the unique opportunity to experience his first plane ride and attend the Kuomboka ceremony for the first time, thanks to the unwavering support rendered by the Zambia Air Force Command. The journalist expressed gratitude and sent warm greetings to the Commander, Hon. Gary Nkombo, and the President for the memorable experience.

Highlighting CIC’s commitment to showcasing Zambia’s cultural heritage, Chanda revealed that last year, the organization covered 75% of the traditional ceremonies in the country. This year, they aim to improve on that number to provide live coverage of events that highlight Zambia’s rich traditional heritage.

Chanda emphasized the successful coverage of the N’cwala ceremony earlier in the year and the recent comprehensive coverage of the Kuomboka ceremony. CIC extended appreciation to all government leaders, from the President down to all wings involved, for their support in making their work visible, even during challenging times.

On behalf of CIC’s Director, Mr. Edward Roy Makayi, and the entire management team, Chanda expressed gratitude for the opportunities provided and appealed for more opportunities to extend such privileges to journalists. 

This, she noted, would not only motivate and expose journalists but also enhance their efficiency and output.

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