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Kenyan Cult Leader Paul Mackenzie and 29 Associates Charged with Murder of 191 Children

Kenyan cult leader Paul Mackenzie and 29 of his associates have been charged with the murder of 191 children, whose bodies were discovered buried in a forest. 

The accused, including Mackenzie, appeared in court in Malindi, where they denied the charges. One defendant was deemed mentally unfit for trial.

According to prosecutors, Mackenzie instructed his followers to starve themselves and their children in a bid to attain heaven before the world’s end, marking one of the most appalling cult-related tragedies in recent history.

Members of Mackenzie’s Good News International Church reportedly lived in secluded settlements spanning 800 acres within the Shakahola forest, where over 400 bodies were unearthed.

Mackenzie, a former taxi driver, was arrested in April of last year and has already faced charges related to terrorism, manslaughter, and torture. In December, he was convicted of producing and distributing films without a license and was sentenced to 12 months in jail.

Reports suggest that Mackenzie forbade cult members from sending their children to school or seeking medical attention at hospitals, branding such institutions as Satanic.

Mackenzie’s lawyer stated that he is cooperating with the investigation into the deaths. The 30 defendants are scheduled to appear in court again on March 7 for a bond hearing, as confirmed by the judge.

This harrowing incident has sent shockwaves through the nation, prompting questions about the influence and dangers of cults within society. 

Authorities are expected to continue their investigations into the extent of Mackenzie’s alleged crimes and the circumstances surrounding the tragic deaths of the children.

Source: Rueters

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