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Hichilema to Attend Kuomboka Ceremony as Enthusiast, Not Guest of Honor

President Hakainde Hichilema will attend this year’s Kuomboka Ceremony as a regular participant, not as the official guest of honor. This clarifies earlier reports about his attendance.

A statement from the Chief Communications Specialist, Clayson Hamasaka, explains that President Hichilema respects the invitation of the Lozi people’s King Lubosi Imwiko II, but doesn’t intend to overshadow the role of the Chitimukulu, another paramount chief.

The President has a history of participating in cultural events like Kuomboka, even before entering politics.

He emphasizes his respect for traditions and his own status as a headman.

Looking ahead, President Hichilema promotes cultural exchange among traditional leaders, believing it fosters national unity and peaceful coexistence.

He expresses his respect for both King Lubosi and the Chitimukulu, urging all Zambians to value their cultural heritage.

The President is excited to join the Lozi people at this year’s Kuomboka celebration.

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