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Farmers Urged to Prioritize Harvest Practices to Minimize Food Waste 

With current weather conditions impacting agriculture, farmers are being encouraged to focus on proper harvesting techniques to minimize post-harvest losses. 

This includes factors like crop maturity, moisture content, and storage solutions.

The call to action comes from Dr. Oliver Kandela Bulaya, Executive Director of the Agriculture Climate Action Foundation (ACAF), who highlights the significant challenge of post-harvest losses, estimated to be around 30% annually. 

These losses not only hurt farmers’ livelihoods but also impact the entire agricultural sector.

Dr. Bulaya emphasizes the importance of harvesting crops at the right time to ensure optimal quality. 

Harvesting too early or too late can affect nutritional value, taste, and market value.

Moisture content is another crucial factor. Crops with too much moisture are more susceptible to spoilage, mold, and insects. 

Farmers are advised to employ drying or conditioning techniques before storing their produce.

Proper storage facilities are also essential. Farmers should prioritize spaces with optimal temperature, humidity, and ventilation to prevent spoilage and pest infestation. 

Utilizing appropriate packaging and pest management strategies can further protect the quality and quantity of crops.

ACAF acknowledges that addressing post-harvest losses requires collaboration between farmers, agricultural organizations, and stakeholders. 

The foundation is committed to supporting farmers through access to information, training programs, and innovative technologies for efficient harvesting practices.

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