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ACC Progresses in Anti-Corruption Drive, Implements Whistleblower System.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of Zambia held a media briefing to highlight its activities in the first quarter of 2024. The ACC highlighted its focus on enhancing corruption prevention measures and improving corruption reporting mechanisms.

A major achievement this quarter was the launch of a new Online Anonymous Whistleblower System (OAWS). This system is expected to increase the number of corruption reports received by the ACC, especially from people who were previously afraid to come forward. 

In the two weeks since its launch, 50 reports have already been submitted through the OAWS.

The ACC is also undertaking a review of the Anti-Corruption Act and developing a draft Bill on Asset Declaration for public officers. These initiatives are intended to enhance accountability and facilitate investigations into corruption.

Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) showed a positive trend for Zambia in 2023. The country moved up 4 notches in Africa and 18 notches globally compared to 2022.

During the first quarter, the ACC received 417 reports of suspected corruption. Out of these, 191 were determined to not be corruption and were referred elsewhere. The remaining 226 reports were investigated further, with 170 authorized for full investigations.

The ACC also reported arresting 12 people and having 83 criminal cases and 27 civil matters before the courts. There were 8 convictions, 1 acquittal, and 2 appeals lodged. At the end of the quarter, 9 cases were still pending judgement.

The Anti-Corruption Commission is committed to fighting corruption and ensuring speedy trials for corruption cases. The ACC believes that corruption weakens society, hinders service delivery, and undermines national development.

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