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St. Edmund’s Homecraft Centre Empowers 25 Graduates with Life-Changing Skills

In a significant stride towards poverty reduction and community development, 25 students at St. Edmund’s Homecraft Centre celebrated their graduation, equipped with invaluable skills in tailoring and catering. The ceremony, marking the 36th graduation, was attended by the Director for Community Development, Ms Patricia Muyamwa.

During the event, Ms Muyamwa emphasized the importance of providing life-changing skills to citizens, aligning with the New Dawn Administration’s goal to empower people in various aspects of life. 

She highlighted that national development is a collective responsibility, and individuals acquiring skills play a crucial role in shaping the nation’s future.

“Investing in skills development is paramount, and it resonates with our commitment to empowering citizens in all spheres of life. The graduates are now important participants in the nation’s journey towards progress,” said Ms Patricia Muyamwa, Director for Community Development.

Addressing the graduates, Ms Muyamwa urged them to be exemplary in their roles, whether as employees or entrepreneurs, emphasizing the significance of their contributions to the nation.

Sister in Charge at St. Edmund’s Homecraft Centre, Anna Gawol, expressed gratitude for the government’s support, acknowledging the challenges the center has overcome to ensure the smooth operation of its programs.

In a vote of thanks, graduate Christine Kaweme expressed appreciation to the government for providing opportunities that contribute to national development. She highlighted the long-lasting impact of the skills acquired and their potential to uplift communities.

St. Edmund’s Homecraft Centre continues to play a vital role in equipping individuals with practical skills, fostering empowerment, and contributing to the socio-economic development of Matero and beyond.

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