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Zambia Strengthens Legal System with Focus on Forensics 

Zambia’s justice system is undergoing a significant transformation, with forensic science and pathology playing a more prominent role in resolving legal matters. 

This development was announced by Mr. Joseph Akafumba, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, at a workshop reviewing forensic practice standards and regulations.

“The Criminal and Civil Justice System in Zambia has evolved due to the increased reliance on Forensic Science and Forensic Pathology,” Mr. Akafumba stated. 

He acknowledged past limitations, where the lack of a legal framework restricted the effectiveness of forensic services. This resulted in “basic and fragmented” use of forensic evidence.

The introduction of regulations aims to address these concerns. “Regulation ensures that there is harmonization of practice, and standardization of methodologies and techniques,” Mr. Akafumba explained. This will ultimately “enhance provision of quality forensic services.”

The Ministry, in collaboration with stakeholders, is revising these standards. This paves the way for a crucial step: licensing and inspecting forensic service providers within the country.

The National Forensic Authority (NFA) has already taken significant strides.  Brigadier General Prof. Lawson Simapuka, the NFA’s Executive Director, reported the publication of guidelines for crime scene evidence collection, DNA analysis, and forensic pathology practices.

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