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Powerful Storm Causes Widespread Damage in Nangoma, Mumbwa District

A strong storm with heavy rains has caused serious problems in Nangoma Constituency, Mumbwa District. More than 60 houses and public buildings have lost their roofs due to the destruction.

Nangoma Mission Hospital is one of the worst-hit areas, where a shelter for expecting mothers was damaged. Around 50 pregnant women and 20 bedsiders are now without a place to stay.

This situation has led to urgent calls for the government to step in and find temporary shelter for these mothers, as their safety is at risk.

Namukolo Hayumbu, the District Commissioner of Mumbwa, visited the affected area and stressed the need for government help, especially from the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU). She urged quick action to rebuild the damaged structures and provide emergency shelter to prevent the spread of diseases among the affected mothers.

Hayumbu is worried that if the situation isn’t addressed soon, it could set back the progress made in maternal healthcare and put the lives of mothers giving birth at risk, going against the goals for health set by the Sustainable Development Goals.

Currently, the affected mothers are staying temporarily in a nearby classroom, but it lacks basic facilities like toilets and bathrooms. The conditions are difficult, highlighting the immediate need for comprehensive help.

Dr. Gabriel Pollen, the National Coordinator of the DMMU, visited the area and stressed the importance of building strong structures that can withstand extreme weather events caused by climate change. He questioned why newer buildings were not as resilient as older ones that survived the storm.

Dr. Pollen emphasized the need to ‘build back better’ by using high-quality materials and including features in reconstruction efforts that can withstand the impact of extreme weather events.

A team from the DMMU assessed the damage caused by the severe storm in Nangoma Constituency.

As the community deals with the aftermath of the destructive storm, the combined efforts of local authorities, the DMMU, and other relevant groups will be crucial to provide immediate help and start the reconstruction process.”

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