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Zambia in Crisis: President Begs for Aid as Drought Devastates Nation

Zambia’s President issued a critical call for international help, facing the country’s worst drought ever. 

Millions lack food due to failing crops and disappearing water.

The drought hammered maize crops, a vital food source. Livestock and wildlife also suffer as pastures dry up and water shrinks.

President Hichilema reported 9.8 million Zambians impacted, with 6.6 million needing immediate aid. 

He proposed a plan for food assistance, recovery, and future resilience, but faces a funding gap of $1.2 billion.

Food security, healthcare, and water management top Zambia’s list of urgent needs. 

Investment in water development is crucial for both agriculture and household use.

The President stressed protecting vulnerable groups, including children and mothers, by expanding food programs.

This crisis highlights the harsh reality of climate change. Zambia’s struggle is a global call to action as extreme weather events worsen.

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