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Hichilema’s Copperbelt Visit Highlights Progress in Infrastructure, Economy

In a recent visit to the Copperbelt region, President Hakainde Hichilema highlighted progress on Zambia’s infrastructure development and economic revitalization efforts.

A key focus of the trip was fostering trade and sustainability. The EU-Zambia Business Forum in Kitwe brought together businesses from both regions to discuss boosting copper trade, attracting investment, and promoting a sustainable copper value chain. 

This includes exploring circular economy initiatives, which aim to reduce waste and keep resources in use for longer.

Another significant development was the commissioning of the 60-megawatt Itimpi Solar Power Station. This project presents a timely solution to Zambia’s energy challenges due to the ongoing drought, marking a shift towards renewable energy sources.

President Hichilema’s commitment to dialogue with key sectors was evident in his meeting with truck drivers at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.  

He pledged continued discussions with the private sector to address their concerns and improve governance within the transport sector.

The reopening of Shaft 28 at Luanshya Copper Mines signifies a major development for job creation and economic growth. This project has the potential to generate over 3,000 jobs and boost Zambia’s copper production.

The President also took the opportunity to connect directly with residents during a visit to Mpatamatu in Luanshya. This interaction fosters a sense of connection and accountability between the government and the people.

Furthermore, the commissioning of several infrastructure projects underscores the government’s focus on improving public facilities and stimulating economic activity. These projects include the Chingola-Chililabombwe-Kasumbalesa road, the Buteko market, and the $20 million Chifubu Level One Hospital in Ndola.

Regarding transparency and unity, Chief Government Spokesperson Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa clarified the President’s engagements, including the Kwacha Constituency project. This demonstrates the government’s dedication to transparent communication. 

Additionally, Mr. Mweetwa’s call for responsible journalism emphasizes the importance of accurate and unbiased reporting for national development and unity.

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