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Gov’t Commences Construction of Modern Market in Lusaka

The Zambian government has initiated the construction of the ultra-modern Munyaule Market in Lusaka, aiming to enhance trading conditions and provide a safer environment for marketeers and shoppers. 

With an estimated cost of $8 million, the project has commenced, bringing joy to over 2,000 traders who are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to occupy the new facility upon its completion.

The Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Honorable Gary Nkombo, Member of Parliament, announced that traders who were recently relocated to pave the way for construction have been issued offer letters to operate at the new market. 

The Munyaule Market, situated along Lumumba Road adjacent to City Market, is poised to offer a trading experience comparable to the newly constructed Simon Mwewa Market.

Expressing satisfaction with the progress, Hon. Nkombo noted that the contractor, Kaddoura Construction Limited, has begun construction on site, marking the beginning of a 16-month construction period. 

He emphasized that the project follows a resolution wherein a 15-year lease agreement was signed between the Lusaka City Council and the contractor.

Once completed, the modern Munyaule Market aims to create a conducive trading environment superior to the previous setup. Hon. Nkombo underscored the government’s commitment to modernize markets, ensuring safe and healthy facilities for traders.

“To provide an orderly manner of doing business to traders who used to occupy this facility, we are happy that once this project is completed, it will provide a conducive trading environment,” said Hon. Nkombo during an inspection of the construction site.

To accommodate the relocated traders during the construction phase, the Lusaka City Council secured temporary trading spaces behind BH and New Soweto Markets. 

Hon. Nkombo, during a visit to the temporary trading site, pledged personal donations to beautify the stands occupied by the traders.

 He also directed the LCC to secure additional space within the temporary trading area for the installation of more toilets and water points to ensure a comfortable environment for the traders.

Speaking on behalf of the relocated traders, Mr. Foster Chibwe expressed support for the government’s initiative to modernize Munyaule Market. 

He highlighted the traders’ anticipation for the completion of the modern market, emphasizing the importance of safe and conducive facilities in preventing the outbreak of waterborne diseases in the future.

The commencement of the Munyaule Market construction represents a significant step forward in the government’s efforts to revamp trading infrastructure and promote economic growth in Lusaka.

This report is based on a statement issued by Chila Namaiko (Mr), Public Relations Officer, Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development.

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