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India and Zambia Strengthen Ties on 60th Anniversary

India and Zambia are set to bolster their economic diplomacy as they mark 60 years of bilateral relations, with plans for celebratory events and increased cooperation on the horizon.

In a press statement released by Bennie Mundando, First Secretary (Press & Tourism) at the Zambia High Commission in New Delhi, the Indian Government expressed its commitment to supporting programs commemorating the longstanding partnership between the two nations.

Puneet Kundal, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of External Affairs, emphasized the significance of celebrating this milestone, especially in conjunction with the centenary of Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, a revered figure in Zambia’s history.

Kundal lauded the progress made in the relationship between India and Zambia, highlighting recent high-level visits, including those by Vice President Mrs. W.K Mutale Nalumango and Speaker of the National Assembly Ms. Nelly B.K Mutti.

He also expressed India’s eagerness for reciprocal high-level visits to Zambia, accompanied by Indian investors keen on exploring opportunities in the country.

Proposals were made to hold Foreign Office Consultations in Lusaka to prepare for a Joint Permanent Commission meeting, tentatively scheduled for November 2024, aimed at further enhancing bilateral ties.

In response, Hope Situmbeko, Permanent Secretary Administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation in Zambia, expressed gratitude for India’s advocacy for the Global South during its G20 presidency and its support for the African Union’s inclusion in the G20.

Situmbeko acknowledged India’s longstanding assistance in various sectors crucial for Zambia’s development, such as health, education, infrastructure, and defense. She also called for the finalization of pending Memoranda of Understanding between the two countries.

Additionally, Situmbeko announced plans for the construction of a new Chancery for the Zambian High Commission in New Delhi, symbolizing Zambia’s commitment to its relationship with India.

Looking ahead, she highlighted the upcoming India-Africa Summit hosted by the African Union, aiming to strengthen ties between India and Africa, building on the progress made with the African Union’s permanent membership in the G20.

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