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CEJ Awards K10,000 Seed Grants to Sinazongwe Groups for Alternative Livelihoods

The Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ), under the Resilient Initiatives for Sustainable Environment (RISE) Project, has awarded K10,000 each to various groups in Sinazongwe. The initiative, supported by Bread for the World, Germany, aims to provide alternative livelihood support directly benefiting households.

CEJ Executive Director, Maggie Mwape, emphasized the importance of this support, noting its significance beyond dialogues.

Ms. Mwape highlighted that last year, four groups, comprising two from Sinazongwe Chiefdom and two from Mweemba Chiefdom, were awarded grants. This year, an additional four groups are receiving support, with a target of empowering 30 groups by the end of 2026.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, Ms. Mwape underscored the revolving nature of the CEJ fund, urging groups to return the funds within six months without interest, enabling further empowerment.

She commended previously supported groups for their performance, noting their successful return of funds, which are being redistributed to new beneficiaries.

Sinazongwe District Commissioner, Nchimunya Siakole, lauded CEJ for complementing government efforts in community empowerment. He emphasized the importance of balanced empowerment across chiefdoms and appealed for increased resources to benefit more groups.

Mr. Siakole stressed the importance of prudent fund utilization and called for unity of purpose among recipients, highlighting the need for adherence to group guidelines for success.

In response to the district commissioner’s appeal, CEJ pledged to consider expanding support to accommodate more groups in the future, demonstrating their commitment to empowering communities in Sinazongwe.

The initiative signifies a collaborative effort between government and civil society to foster sustainable development and improve livelihoods in the region.

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