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AC Milan and Emirates Soar with Unique Art Installation at Dubai World Cup

Airlines giant Emirates and Italian football club AC Milan unveiled a stunning art installation at the prestigious 2024 Dubai World Cup, marking a unique collaboration that celebrates sports, art, and culture.

The centerpiece of the display is a majestic horse, meticulously crafted from 187 AC Milan jerseys – home, away, third, and goalkeeper. This brainchild of renowned calligraffiti artist Kareemgraphy stands tall at 8 meters x 8 meters, captivating spectators in the Dubai World Cup’s Grandstand.

This artistic endeavor signifies a historic moment for AC Milan, as it’s their first activation at an Emirates horse racing event. It further strengthens the long-standing partnership between the two brands, which began in 2007.

“This art installation beautifully celebrates the intersection of sports and diverse cultures,” said Maikel Oettle, Chief Commercial Officer of AC Milan. “It speaks volumes about the Club’s innovative nature and its expanding presence beyond pure football.”

Emirates echoed this sentiment, highlighting the convergence of their partnerships with both AC Milan (17 years) and the Dubai World Cup (28 years). “We are delighted to see this unique and artistic representation,” remarked Boutros Boutros, Emirates Executive Vice President.

The installation not only celebrates the existing partnership but also paves the way for future engagement.  AC Milan, a powerhouse in the Middle East with a dedicated fanbase, recently opened Casa Milan Dubai – a testament to their commitment to the region.

This innovative project signifies a new chapter in the Emirates-AC Milan collaboration, solidifying their presence in the Middle East and their dedication to connecting with diverse audiences through creative initiatives.

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