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Enhanced Connectivity to Lower Business Costs and Boost Trade in Africa, Says Hon. Mutati

Speaking at the 2024 ANGOTIC ICT Forum on Digital Connectivity in Luanda, Zambia’s Technology and Science Minister, Hon. Felix Mutati, stressed the critical importance of improved connectivity across Africa in reducing the cost of conducting business and enhancing trade.

Minister Mutati underscored the need for increased investment in digital technologies and enhanced cross-border connectivity to promote smoother trade operations. 

Joined by counterparts from Angola and Namibia, Mr. Mutati advocated for streamlined border procedures facilitated by digital innovations.

“The ambitious vision of no-stop border systems, endorsed by President Hakainde Hichilema, aims to transform intra-African travel and commerce through digital integration and regional cooperation,” Minister Mutati stated during the panel discussion.

He highlighted that by eliminating unnecessary stops and standardising border protocols, countries can significantly enhance trade facilitation, thereby creating a more conducive environment for businesses and travellers alike.

Minister Mutati also called for collaboration with multilateral institutions such as the World Bank and NEPAD to mobilise resources for critical infrastructure. 

He emphasised the importance of modern border infrastructure in bolstering security and ensuring seamless connectivity across borders.

“Through coordinated roaming policies and robust cybersecurity measures, Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries can effectively pilot these initiatives,” Mr. Mutati added, highlighting Zambia’s proactive approach in implementing policies that support digital transformation and technology diffusion.

Accompanied by Technology and Science Permanent Secretary Dr. Brilliant Habeenzu and Acting Director Dr. Larry Mweetwa, Minister Mutati’s delegation reaffirmed Zambia’s commitment to regional integration and technological advancement.

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