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ZAFCA and MSI Launch First-Ever Physical Fitness Workshop, Embracing Modernity in Football

The Zambia Football Coaches Association (ZAFCA) has embarked on a pioneering venture with the Major Sports Institute (MSI) to conduct its first-ever physical fitness workshop in Lusaka. Over 20 candidates are actively participating in this five-day program aimed at enhancing the physical aspects of football coaching.

Andrew Kamanga, the president of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration between ZAFCA and MSI. Kamanga highlighted FAZ’s commitment to embracing modern trends in sports development, emphasizing the importance of staying current in the dynamic world of football.

Former FAZ president Teddy Mulonga, serving as ZAFCA patron, graced the launch alongside ZAFCA president Dan Kabwe. Kabwe expressed satisfaction that the training had commenced after prolonged discussions with their partners, emphasizing the importance of incorporating modern coaching techniques.

Kamanga underscored FAZ’s dedication to upskilling coaches, mentioning recent initiatives such as sending coaches for CAF A badges in Morocco and launching programs for Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology and Global Positioning System for clubs. 

He also outlined a long-term plan to establish a coaching school in Zambia, leveraging partnerships with entities like the Croatia Football Federation.

“We have been leveraging on our partnership with the Croatia Football Federation to help us set up the coaching school in Zambia. We know that having the school here will give more coaches an opportunity to upgrade their credentials and will naturally be cheaper too,” Kamanga explained.

The FAZ president emphasized the significance of adapting to modern trends, mentioning the collaboration with FIFA for a Global Tracking System equipment program for the Super League teams.

ZAFCA expressed gratitude to FAZ for supporting the training, with Kabwe highlighting the excitement about the program and the opportunities presented through partnerships with football associations from Croatia and Morocco.

Course facilitator Nyasha Charandura commended the African embrace of modern technologies in football. Participants include national team attached physical trainers, contributing to the broader enhancement of football coaching skills and methodologies in Zambia.

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