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Government Acknowledges Environmental Justice Group’s Efforts in Resettlement Policy Advocacy

Nchimunya Siakole, the Sinazongwe District Commissioner, expressed commendation for the Centre for Environment Justice (CEJ) for their decade-long advocacy in mining communities, to address pressing issues surrounding environmental and land rights, community displacement, and resettlement policies.

During a Multi-stakeholder Dialogue held in Sinazongwe District, Southern Province, Mr. Siakole emphasized the importance of fair compensation and adherence to laid-down resettlement processes by mining investors. 

He highlighted past instances of underpayment by coal investors and stressed the need for equitable solutions to challenges faced by affected community members.

“The 8 years of CEJ working in Sinazongwe has helped citizens to get enlightened, adding that they now inform Government officials if investors act irresponsibly especially on displacements,” stated Mr. Siakole.

The dialogue, convened under the Resilient Initiatives for Sustainable Environment (RISE) Project facilitated by CEJ, aimed at fostering open dialogue and collaboration among stakeholders from various sectors. Mr. Siakole affirmed the commitment to justice, fairness, and inclusivity in all endeavors.

Echoing Mr. Siakole’s sentiments, CEJ Executive Director, Maggie Mwape, emphasized the significance of the dialogue in addressing critical issues related to environmental and land rights, displacement, resettlement, and compensation. 

She announced CEJ’s forthcoming project launch in Sinazongwe District, supported by the European Union Commission, aimed at strengthening environmental rights, justice, and investor-community collaboration until 2027.

Ms. Mwape further noted the support of President Hakainde Hichilema in advocating for environmental justice and impactful investments, underscoring the commitment to sustainable development in Zambia.

The initiative, which will also benefit districts including Kabwe, Mufulira, Lufwanyama, and Serenje, underscores the European Union Commission’s commitment to strong partnerships for environmental justice and meaningful business investment.

The dialogue emphasized the need for thoughtful consideration, empathy, and collective problem-solving to address the complexities surrounding environmental and land rights, displacement, resettlement, and compensation.

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