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FAWEZA’s Executive Director Highlights Media’s Crucial Role in Addressing Societal Challenges

FAWEZA’s Executive Director, Mr. Constern Kanchele, delivered a speech highlighting the vital role of media engagement in addressing critical societal challenges such as child marriages, teenage pregnancies, and limited access to Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information, especially among marginalized youth. 

This speech, delivered to a diverse audience of 53 participants, including media professionals, underscored the media’s influential role in shaping public opinion, policy decisions, and information dissemination in communities.

FAWEZA has collaborated with various Zambian media outlets to amplify its message and impact, with this event aimed at strengthening these partnerships further.

Mr. Kanchele outlined multifaceted objectives in the speech, emphasizing the organization’s commitment to harnessing the power of social media to engage the public effectively and create compelling content in today’s digital era. 

FAWEZA also seeks to enhance its presence through enduring media partnerships, recognizing the pivotal role of media professionals in storytelling and raising awareness about its initiatives. 

Transparent record-keeping is highlighted as essential for accountability and tracking the impact of media engagement on program outcomes.

These objectives collectively reflect FAWEZA’s commitment to fostering positive societal change through strategic media engagement. 

Mr. Kanchele emphasized that the roadmap for achieving these goals involves a series of workshops, training sessions, roundtable discussions, and interactive exchanges designed to empower media personnel with the knowledge and skills needed for effective engagement. 

The ultimate aim is to reduce issues like child marriages and teenage pregnancies while ensuring young people have unimpeded access to SRHR information and services.

Mr. Kanchele also took a moment to commemorate World Teachers’ Day, acknowledging the invaluable contributions of educators who play a crucial role in equipping the next generation with knowledge and empowering them to lead healthier lives. 

FAWEZA’s commitment to leveraging media engagement for positive societal change underscores the importance of collaboration between organizations and the media to address pressing issues and drive transformation within communities.

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