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Zambia Seeks Collaborative Solutions with World Bank Amid Drought Crisis

President Hakainde Hichilema of Zambia met with Mr. Nathan Belete, the esteemed Country Director of the World Bank for Zambia  at State House. 

The rendezvous underscored Zambia’s profound gratitude towards the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for their unwavering support during the nation’s debt restructuring process and their swift response to the prevailing drought crisis.

President Hichilema articulated Zambia’s perspective, highlighting that the programs initiated by the World Bank and IMF are not perceived as external impositions but rather as domestically embraced strategies tailored to meet Zambia’s specific requirements. 

Emphasizing the collaborative nature of the engagement, the President outlined Zambia’s intention to leverage its partnership with the World Bank and other stakeholders to address critical aspects of the nation’s economic agenda, especially in the face of the ongoing drought.

Key among Zambia’s priorities is the focus on water harvesting and precision irrigation to mitigate the adverse effects of the drought. Additionally, efforts will be directed towards enhancing mineral beneficiation and value addition, as well as the development of electric vehicle batteries, reflecting Zambia’s commitment to sustainable economic development.

Moreover, President Hichilema expressed Zambia’s interest in leveraging the World Bank’s experiences in other countries by requesting insights into programs that have proven successful elsewhere. This exchange of knowledge is envisaged to bolster Zambia’s economic development agenda and foster mutually beneficial partnerships.

In response, Mr. Belete affirmed the World Bank’s commitment to supporting Zambia’s efforts, reaffirming the institution’s dedication to facilitating sustainable development initiatives tailored to the nation’s unique circumstances. 

He commended President Hichilema’s proactive approach and reiterated the World Bank’s readiness to collaborate closely with Zambia to address the challenges posed by the drought and advance the country’s economic prosperity.

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