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FRA Starts Maize Community Sale in Luwingu

The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has commenced the sale of maize to community members in Luwingu District, situated in the Northern Province of Zambia in order to address mealie meal shortages.

According to Luwingu District Commissioner, Chomba Chileshe, the initiative seeks to mitigate the scarcity of mealie meal in the area. 

During the recent District Development Coordinating Committee meeting held at the District Youth Resource Center, Chileshe announced that the FRA would be offering a 50-kilogram bag of white maize at a subsidized price of K320.

Chileshe further clarified the purchasing process, stating that government officers interested in buying maize should submit their names through their respective Heads of Department, who will then compile a list for submission to the District Administrative Office. However, community members will directly purchase maize from the FRA.

To ensure equitable distribution and access, individual households are limited to purchasing one 50 kg bag per month, as outlined by the District Commissioner.

In response to the initiative, residents of Luwingu have expressed appreciation for the government’s efforts through the FRA. 

Davies Mukuka, a resident of Kapisha Village in Chief Chipal’s Chiefdom, commended the government for initiating the maize sale, highlighting its significance in enabling residents, including civil servants, to access affordable maize for milling into mealie meal.

The maize community sale, which typically occurs between January and the harvesting period, aims to provide communities with affordable maize, thereby facilitating the production of mealie meal. This initiative underscores the government’s commitment to addressing food security challenges and ensuring the availability of staple food items for its citizens.

Source: ZANIS

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