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DMMU Dismisses Allegations of Segregation in Relief Distribution, Emphasizes Non-Partisan Approach

In response to recent allegations of segregation in relief distribution, the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) in Eastern Province has vehemently denied any form of discrimination in their operations, emphasizing a non-partisan approach to aid distribution.

Kalengo Mumba, the DMMU Eastern Regional Coordinator, clarified the unit’s stance in an interview with Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS), stating that at no point did the DMMU engage in segregating individuals based on political affiliation or personal status.

Mumba asserted that the DMMU is committed to equitable relief distribution to all affected by disasters, regardless of background.

Mumba elaborated that the DMMU has opted to collaborate with established organizations renowned for their expertise and integrity in humanitarian aid delivery, rather than individuals or political entities.

This strategic partnership, according to Mumba, ensures adherence to established procedures and minimizes the risk of bias or favoritism in the distribution process.

Addressing concerns raised by some residents regarding their exclusion from relief assistance, Mumba clarified that vulnerability to disaster-related factors, rather than personal health conditions such as HIV or cancer, guides the allocation of relief aid.

He emphasized that while individuals may be grappling with terminal illnesses, their eligibility for relief assistance is determined primarily by their vulnerability to the impact of disasters.

Furthermore, Mumba highlighted the DMMU’s proactive measures to optimize the utilization of government resources allocated for relief efforts, underscoring the unit’s commitment to efficient and transparent aid delivery.

The dismissal of allegations by the DMMU comes amidst growing scrutiny over the equitable distribution of relief aid in Chipangali district.

Despite challenges and criticisms, the unit remains steadfast in its mission to provide timely and impartial assistance to all communities affected by disasters, reaffirming its dedication to humanitarian principles and social justice.

Source: ZANIS

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