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President’s Call for Constitutional Amendments Applauded by CYLA Zambia and MMES Coalition

The Centre for Young Leaders in Africa (CYLA) Zambia and the Mixed-Member Electoral System (MMES) Coalition expressed their appreciation for President’s remarks made during the Women’s Day Commemoration on March 8th.

The President emphasized the urgent need for constitutional amendments to increase the participation of women, youth, and persons with disabilities through proportional representation in politics and elections.

Melissa Sarah Hamalambo, Executive Director of CYLA Zambia, commended the President’s commitment and political will to promote equitable representation and ensure that the voices of all citizens are heard and valued.

The statement highlighted the significance of implementing constitutional reforms and urged the government to provide a definite timeline with a clear roadmap for the reformation process.

As advocates for electoral and constitutional reform, CYLA Zambia and the MMES Coalition emphasized the importance of discussing and building consensus on measures to promote the active participation of marginalized groups in decision-making processes.

They endorsed the adoption of a mixed-member electoral system, combining proportional representation with constituency-based elements, as a framework for achieving this objective.

The statement emphasized that a mixed-member electoral system would enhance participatory democracy by allocating seats to political parties based on votes gained, facilitating the election of representatives from underrepresented groups such as youth, women, and persons with disabilities.

CYLA Zambia and the MMES Coalition expressed readiness to engage with stakeholders at all levels to advance the discussion on constitutional amendments and electoral reform.

They emphasized the importance of collaboration between government agencies, civil society organizations, and the public to ensure that any proposed changes to the constitution are inclusive, transparent, and responsive to the needs of all Zambian citizens.

In conclusion, the statement urged policymakers to consider adopting a mixed-member electoral system as part of broader constitutional reforms aimed at enhancing representation and inclusivity in Zambia’s political institutions. It underscored the importance of working together to build a more inclusive democracy that reflects the diversity of the nation.

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